A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Earth is in the grips of a bitter cold war - nuclear armaments are armed and ready to fire should either East or West make a move. World leaders look to the skies for answers, and in a manner of speaking, an answer is found. An impossible mineral, a compound of elements that fits not into our understanding of the universe, has been discovered in the deepest reaches of space.

This impossible mineral begins to revolutionise technology - first being developed into weapons in order to control the spaces in which the compound can be found. But neither side wants to see the other gain control over supply.

A distant solar-system. A fight for the survival of billions. That is where you come in.

CLASH is an INDIE Third Person Shooter / RPG with a high focus on strategy and teamwork to defeat your opposing team in a 2v2 or 4v4 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Good old-fashioned arena combat!

Install instructions

Download and install Clash.exe after purchase.


ClashSetup1016.exe 241 MB


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Can you upload a trailer or something? I wanna see some match gameplay to get a better idea of the game. Does the game also have AI btw?

The linux client its not yet?? sorry if I bother you