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Congratulations! You, my friend, are one of the lucky few who were immune to the pathogen! Alas, your friends and family are now flesh-eating zombie-types, but try not to hold that against them.

So, let's see what's behind door number 1! Zombies! Bad luck, chum! Try again!

  • Zombies AND JRPG Elements! What could be better?
  • Randomly generated world with 729 combination possibilities!
  • Random event seeds ensure no two play-throughs are the same!
  • Survive in apocalyptic wasteland! Keep your stamina high and your team-mates healthy!
  • Traditional side-view battle system!
  • Plethora of recruitable characters!
  • Reset the world and rack up giant scores!
  • Steam Trading Cards!
  • Steam Achievements!

Developer's note: This product is still in development. Some of the features shown here are not yet implemented, such as the randomly-genrating world. Customers will be updated for free as new content becomes available!

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